How to create a program

Level of difficulty: Easy

When you want to create a program, there is one various factors you have to keep in mind. Firstly the budget, the size of the program and the type of the program you want to create. Programs are created for different purposes and their cost varies. For the program to function, each Configuration Manager package should have one program. At times it might have more than one program. From these programs, you can know how much of the application, which is in the package, is used on the client. Every program should have all the appropriate references to command switches and script files.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
You have to decide, plan, create and market the program that you create. Make a decision on the appropriate software that you would want to use, and which style will work best in your favor.
Step 2
Work on a budget and learn to get effective ways to get maximum gain from creating software with less money. Be confident when you create software ideas.
Step 3
If you want to create a program within a package, it is necessary that you should have permission to Modify for the Package Security object type. All different types of program software have license terms and they should be properly reviewed before the software is used.
Step 4
To create a program, this is what you should do:
Step 5
Go to the Configuration Manager console, than navigate to System Center
Step 6
Configuration Manager/Site Database/Computer Management/Software Distribution/Package. Then the
Step 7
Then do a right click on 'Programs', go to 'New', and then click on 'Program'. Create a program, which is meant for software distribution package from the 'New Program Wizard'.
Step 8
Specify the general information, the program requirements, and the runtime environment and give all the other information for the new package.