How to burn daa files

Level of difficulty: Easy

A DDA file is known as a Direct Access Archive file which is the equivalent to an ISO. It can hold the entire contents of a DVD or CD. It gets compressed into one file. When the original physical disc is not present, it makes copies of discs. The burning process of a DAA file is not the same as a regular CD or DVD but it doesn’t mean that it is difficult to burn it. Use these simple steps and you will know how to burn DAA files. There is a free trial version of Power ISO, so use this program to burn a DAA file.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
. Download the website Power ISO, click on 'download site 1' and download the installer
Step 2
You will be asked to run or save the program, click on 'run'. When the downloading of the program ends, then the installer will start.
Step 3
An appropriate directory will be chosen by the installer, so click 'Install'.
Step 4
When that is over, then click on 'Next'.
Step 5
A window will pop up, asking bout 'File Associations', and other things, if you are not certain about what it means, default will be ok. Click on 'Close'.
Step 6
You will be asked to reboot by the computer. Save what you require, then click on 'Ok'.
Step 7
When reboot is over, go to start, program files and then to Power ISO and run the program Power ISO.
Step 8
The evaluation version will open you have to click on 'Continue Unregistered'.
Step 9
You will get a menu bar, click on 'Tools', then 'Burn'.
Step 10
You will find a button across the 'Image file' that says 'click that button, locate and open the file you want to burn', open it. The file starts to burn. The burning process competes within few minutes and then you will be ready to use the CD.
Step 11
You can also use a CD image as a normal CD without burning it by mounting the DAA file. After installing Power ISO, open the Power ISO application, and in the upper menu bar, choose 'tools', 'Virtual Drive', 'Set Number of Drives', and then choose '1 Drive'.
Step 12
Then to 'Tools' then 'Virtual Drive' Use the option 'Mount to Drive X'. The X represents the assigned letter of the virtual drive which is created by Power ISO. Now all you have to do is locate and open the image that you want to mount.