How to create a website in dreamweaver

Level of difficulty: Easy

Dreamweaver is a commercial web editor which is well known and allows you to design, manage and build complex websites

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
First step is to start up Dreamweaver, a window which looks like half a page and half a picture will open up, the appearance of the page depends on whether you are using Windows XP or another Operating System.
Step 2
A menu bar will appear on the topmost part of the window, where 'File Edit View Insert Modify Format Commands Site Window Help' will show. This will give you access to the different feature of Dreamweaver.
Step 3
Start the Site Manager in order to use Dreamweaver so that you can create a website. Click on the 'Site' in the menu, then click 'New Site'.
Step 4
A dialog box with a title bar will come up, reading 'Site Definition for Unnamed Site 2'. The number after the site will be different but that can be changed.
Step 5
The dialog box will have two tabs such the 'Basic' and the 'Advanced' tab. Use the 'Basic' tab, and click on it.
Step 6
Within the dialog box, you will be asked 'What would you like to name your site?' Enter your site name here and if you already have a domain name registered, then write the domain name, inserted in quotations. Write the name of the company if it is a company site.
Step 7
Another field has to be filled under the site’s name, that is the web address of your website, they will ask 'What is the HTTP Address (URL) of your site?' So, here you enter your website address. After putting in the information, click on Next button.
Step 8
Another screen will come up, then click on 'No, I do not want to use a server technology', click on Next.
Step 9
Now you decide where Dreamweaver will put the files you create. The default mode places the files in a folder with the same name as the website, but you can change the location. Keep a copy of it on your computer. Put it on default mode if you choose to, accept the default mode and go to Next. Again you will be asked 'How do you connect to your remote server?' appears, click on down arrow and select 'None'. This allows you to start fast, going on to Next. You will get a page with a 'Site Definition' summary. All you do is click on 'Done'.Total words 399.