How to Type in PDF file

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

PDF or Portable Document Format was developed by Adobe Systems as a file format for document exchange. It is often conveniently used to represent two-dimensional documents in such a way that it is independent from any hardware, application software, and Operating System as well. A PDF file contains a complete description of the fixed-layout two-dimensional documents, which includes the fonts, text, images, and vector graphics that compose the documents. To edit a PDF file, one can either download an Adobe Acrobat Reader over at or simply download other portable PDF editors.

Materials Needed:
- computer
- Adobe Reader
Step 1
If your computer does not have Adobe reader application, you can go online to download it for free. With Adobe Reader, you can view and print your PDF file easily.
Step 2
Your PDF document must be created with Adobe Acrobat 6 Professional, or a more recent version, to create a PDF with editable form fields. This Adobe application costs around 449 US Dollars.
Step 3
Another Adobe application, the Adobe Form Designer offers document security settings set to enable users of the Acrobat Reader to enter form information. This application can be downloaded.
Step 4
With Adobe Acrobat installed in your computer, you can edit your PDF documents by typing directly on them. You do not need to print a form out and later find a typewriter to fill it up with information if you will use this application. It will be a simple matter of just typing the information on the form that appears on your screen.
Step 5
To determine which PDF application allows PDF files to be typed upon on-screen, just look at the 'Typeable PDF Form' before you download.
Step 6
To type on a PDF form, simply enter the text that you want to input on the PDF form by keying them on a 'text field'. To do this, navigate the mouse over the PDF form shown on the screen. When the cursor turns into an I-beam, this indicates that the mouse is over at the text field. Click the mouse and the I-beam will change into a vertical blinking line. Blinking vertical lines indicates that you may start typing and editing text.
Step 7
Just move the cursor over to where you want to modify the text on and click on it in case you made some errors during text input. You may enter a text in that field again once it is highlighted.