How to Connect to the Internet with a Laptop

Level of difficulty: Easy

A laptop computer can be connected to the Internet in several ways. A laptop is also beneficial if you want to access wireless networks that are available and usable in public places. This allows you to access the Internet without having to connect an Internet cable to your laptop computer or without staying or being confined in a single place.

Materials Needed:
- Laptop computer
- wireless router
- ISP (Internet Service Provider)
- modem
Step 1
You can use different methods of connecting your laptop to the Internet. First is through a dial-up connection. Set up an account with your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
Step 2
Install the software provided by your ISP to your computer. Install the program by going through the prompts on the screen and following the instructions.
Step 3
Connect the cable that comes with your Internet kit from your computer to a phone line. Connect another cable to your modem. Open the dial-up screen and provide the username and password provided by your local ISP. Click 'Connect' and you should be able to access the Internet.
Step 4
Another way to connect your laptop to the Internet is through an Ethernet connection. Subscribe an Internet connection with a company that provides broadband Internet connection.
Step 5
In some cases, a technician from the computer will be the one to install the modem and set up the Internet for you. If not, connect the Ethernet cable to your laptop’s Ethernet port and connect the other end to the modem provided by the company.
Step 6
Install the software that came with the modem. Follow the prompts on the screen to successfully install the software. Connect to the Internet by choosing 'Connect to' and providing the username and password provided by the broadband company. In some cases, this is not needed as you will automatically be connected to the Internet once the Ethernet cable is connected to your laptop.
Step 7
Another way for you to access the Internet with your laptop is through a wireless network. Connect your wireless router to the cable of your broadband Internet connection. Follow instructions on the user’s manual for the router and configure your router.
Step 8
Click on 'Wireless Network Connection' on the lower left part of your screen on the System Tray. Look for the name of your network on the list that appears on the window. Select the network you are connecting to and click on 'Connect'. You should be able to access the Internet.