How to Use Wi-Fi

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

WiFi or Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity. Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that uses the 802.11 standard developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and released in 1997. The Wi-Fi Alliance is a trade group that pioneered in the commercialization and compatibility of the technology by certifying and promoting this technology. The use of Wi-Fi has many advantages like creating an easy Internet access for computers without space and wiring considerations. The only disadvantage of Wi-Fi is the access of unauthorized devices to the wireless network but easily solved by a number of upgrades or installation of security passwords.

Materials Needed:
- Wi-Fi Device and User’s Manual
- Wireless Router and User’s Manual
- Internet Connection through a Modem
Step 1
It is necessary to understand Wi-Fi Certified Devices or Equipment. The Wi-Fi Alliance-produced devices assure that users and customers can easily access Wi-Fi networks. Look for the Wi-Fi logo to determine Wi-Fi certified products.
Step 2
Make sure that an Internet connection is available. Check Internet access, settings, and the connection to the modem.
Step 3
Connect the router to the modem. The diverse brands and models of routers available have different methods of connecting to the modem. Although hooking up the router to the modem is easy, try to follow the instructions on the User’s manual. Make sure all connectors are in place and follow trouble-shooting directions for optimum performance.
Step 4
Configure the router to protect the wireless network. Refer to your User’s manual and configure your wireless network setting by installing a password. The network may also be protected by turning off the router’s SSID or server set identifier that tells any device with Wi-Fi access the existence of the network.
Step 5
Connect the Wi-Fi device. Most new Wi-Fi devices are compatible with each other and have a feature that makes the initial Wi-Fi access easy. If the Wi-Fi device does not have an easy access feature, refer to the User’s Manual and follow directions to access the wireless network through the device.