How to back up a computer

Level of difficulty: Easy

Computer backup is needed in order to protect our files against some kind of damage. It is the process of storing copies of files on a medium apart from the hard disk. There are various ways of backing up computers. Choose the one that best suits your system. Traditionally people stored copies of important files in Floppy disks. However, Floppy disks are becoming uncommon these days. Some new systems do not even have the Floppy disk drive. Most of the Floppy disks have the capacity to hold up to 1.4 megabytes of data. Using CD-Rs could be a good option. It holds up to 800 megabytes of storage. If you want a medium where you can write for more than once, then go for CD-RWs. DVD burners are also becoming increasingly popular. A DVD-R has the capacity to hold up to 4700 megabytes, i.e. 4.7 gigabytes. The use of key drive could also be a good idea. Though it does not have as much storage capacity as DVD-R, a sizeable amount can definitely be stored. Whatever backup program you use, make sure it is ready to accept the backup.

Materials Needed:
- software needed to carry out the access method
- hi-speed internet service
- DSL and static IP address.
Step 1
If you are a Microsoft Windows user, the backup program is built in your system. Go to Start, select Programs, Accessories, System, Tools and then Backup. You may as well use some third party backup managers. It could be small programs to full online backup services.
Step 2
Once the backup is done, make sure you keep it on a safe place. If it is very important, you may keep it in safety deposit boxes. If it is not so critical, cabinets or desks could be good options.
Step 3
Ensure that the backup process is complete before you use your computer again. If you use the computer while the backup process is in progress and change a file, you will not be able to make out which version was actually saved. Using the computer during the operation may stop or corrupt the backup. It may also slow your computer down. Do not leave the media for backup in an environment which has a tendency to get wet. If it is exposed to unfavourable weather conditions, there is a chance you will lose your backups. The backup procedure might be time consuming, especially if you have a huge amount of data stored. Start the backup process when you can leave the computer on for a long period of time.