How to clean a computer screen

Level of difficulty: Easy

The delicate technologies and their inventions need to be handled with a lot of care and thus one needs to be extra careful while handling some equipment. The use of computers to ease tasks has led to many new inventions. The recent advancement in computers have presented us small versions and more efficient devices. The monitor of a computer is an important display device without which the rest of the accessories are useless. Working on any computer will not be easier in case the device has not been maintained in a good condition. Some of the vital parts that require good maintenance include the monitor, keyboard, mouse and so on. These accessories are very delicate and need high-quality care. Some simple cleaning tips for the various types of computer monitors will prolong their life and will also make them work better.

Materials Needed:
- Cleaning solution
- lint free cloth
Step 1
Dust is one of the environmental factor that will make the screen look bad as well as hamper its working and thus wiping away dust and other dirt will make the screen look neat and tidy.
Step 2
While dusting the most important factor to be considered is that one must not use an abrasive cloth for cleaning purpose as it will leave the surface with scratches. The presence of scratches on the computer screen accumulates lot of dust particles that are really hard to clean.
Step 3
While cleaning it is suggested to make use of the soft cotton cloth as it will absorb the dust better and also gives a smooth cleaning.
Step 4
People believe in the myth that soapy liquids will clean the monitor better, however this is not the case as many soapy liquids will destroy the screen by removing the screen color and some chemicals of such liquids react with screen and make them non-functional.
Step 5
While cleaning the cathode ray tube type monitor one can make use of simple water that can be sprinkled over a soft cloth and then wiped. After the wet cleaning the dry cleaning is must so never forget to wipe with soft cotton cloth.
Step 6
Nowadays most of the people have liquid crystal display (LCD) type monitors. These display screens are usually sensitive and thus need extra care. One can clean them with lint free cloth by using a drop of alcohol or vinegar. This will make then look always brand new.