How to be safe on the internet

Level of difficulty: Easy

Most people are using internet nowadays. A majority of everyone’s life revolves around the internet. It offers everyone with an opportunity to pursue careers, education, businesses and other interests. It provides avenues for people from all walks of life to have fun, pursue hobbies, and a million other reasons. The younger generation are the most enthusiastic internet users, mainly because of their use of interactive services like Email, chatting and instantaneous messages. The use of the internet has become so popular because it doesn’t take long to grasp. One gets better and more proficient with constant practice. Certain precautions must be taken in order to be safe in this wonderful world called the internet. An internet user must take certain steps to ensure that his journey through this very interesting world, is safe and without incident.

Materials Needed:
- Intelligence
Step 1
You've probably heard stories of people disclosing personal information and get themselves into bad situations while chatting. Chat rooms are used to attract people who are not just interested in merely chatting, but more than that. These users mostly want to know more about another person and ask personal questions, like giving information about their life, their families, or where they reside, information that is not to be given away.
Step 2
Adults are advised on how to keep a distance on the internet while chatting with a person. Understanding these issues are most important and the knowledge of how to deal with safety concerns even more so. It is in the interest of the adults, to teach their younger generations of these ethics so that they are safe online.
Step 3
Usually, the people who are curious and want to extract personal information like home addresses, phone numbers, and email ids utilize this gathered information to send mails and put a call through the phones, this becomes a big harassment. In some cases, though, predators may use this information to lure people into a false relationship and it does harm the person’s family image and safety.
Step 4
The Internet is accessed by millions and is also access to millions of places you are allowed to visit. In this context, the internet is an infinite library with never ending information about any part of the earth. Almost anything one can think of, just check and you will find a site. It's not just websites; you will find blogs, games and videos of various types available for the users.
Step 5
In conclusion, the key is to play it safe on the internet by simply not divulging any information whatsoever that is of a personal and confidential nature.