How to Install CPU Fan

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

The Central Processing Unit or CPU is the component of a computer that processes all information and also known as the computer processor. The processor tends to heat up when being used. The processor tends to melt or break down when the heat produced is not dissipated. The CPU fan cools the computer’s processor and prevents it from breaking down. For better cooling function, the CPU fan is installed with a heat sink. A heat sink is a metallic device that attaches directly to the CPU, drawing away the heat of the CPU through its aluminum fin-like structure. CPU fans, along with heat sinks, come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. Most new processors come with their own CPU fan and heat sink.

Materials Needed:
- CPU Fan normally with heat sink
- screwdriver
- heat sink compound
Step 1
Choose an appropriate CPU fan and heat sink. If the processor does not come with its own CPU fan and heat sink, a fan appropriate for the processor must be bought. The fan appropriate to the computer may be seen on the computer’s manual. The available space inside the computer’s casing must be taken into consideration when installing a CPU fan.
Step 2
Shut down the computer and open the casing so that the CPU is exposed. Set aside screws, clips, and the cover for the CPU.
Step 3
Affix the CPU fan to its heat sink. This may have already been done. If the fan has not been attached, carefully fasten the fan and heat sink together by using the screws that came with the device.
Step 4
Attach the heat sink and fan to the CPU. The method of attaching the heat sink and fan to your CPU differs for CPU, CPU fan, and heat sink. A thin layer of heat sink compound may be spread on the CPU’s surface to ensure contact. Some fans and heat sinks attach to the CPU chip with a number of clips. Attach the fan gently with an even amount of force. Make sure not to damage the CPU and the motherboard of the computer.
Step 5
Connect the power cable of the heat sink and fan combination to the 3-pin power lead found on the computer’s motherboard. Search for a label 'fan' or 'CPU fan.'
Step 6
Replace computer cover and test the CPU fan.