How to Make the Font Bigger on MySpace

Level of difficulty: Easy

MySpace is a website that specializes in social networking. You can create a MySpace account for free. You can also personalize your profile page on MySpace. The website is a great way to connect with friends and share pictures, blogs, videos, and music. MySpace allows the member to be updated with the latest news regarding their friends’ activities. The MySpace page can also be customized to fit the member’s personality.

Materials Needed:
- Internet access
- MySpace account
Step 1
Connect to the Internet and open a Web browser window. Type on the address bar of the Web browser. Wait for the page to load.
Step 2
Once the page has completely loaded, log in to you MySpace account by providing your email address and password on the designated area.
Step 3
Locate the text that you want to make bigger. There are two ways to increase the size of your text. One way is to put '<big>' before the text and '</big>' at the end of the text. This should make your text bigger.
Step 4
Another way to make the text bigger is by typing the code '<font size='+NUMBER'>' before the text and typing '</font>' after the text. On the NUMBER section, you can select the text size by choosing a number from 1 to 8. 1 is the smallest possible size of the text and 8 is the biggest possible size of the text.
Step 5
There are also other ways to enhance your text on MySpace. You can make the text bold by typing the text between '<b>' and '<b>'. To change the text style, use 'i' instead of 'b' for italicizing the text, 's' for putting a strikethrough on the text, and 'u' to underline the text.
Step 6
You can also change the color of the text by typing your text between '<font color='COLOR'>' and '</font>'. On the COLOR section, type the color that you want to use.
Step 7
You can change your text so that it appears on the center by typing the text in between '<center>' and '</center>'.
Step 8
There are other ways to customize your MySpace profile page. You can search for layouts and other components to add on your MySpace page from the Internet. Follow the instructions on how to add these components or change the theme of your account.