How To Permanently Remove Files

Level of difficulty: Easy

The permanent removal of files from the computer can at times be deceiving since in most instances it creates an impression from a user that once deleted, there can no longer be traces of such removed files in the computer. It is a common situation that users fail or do not remember that files deleted have not been completely extinguished from the computer but are merely stored in the “Recycle Bin”. To completely and permanently remove the files, a user not only has to delete it from its original place but also in the Recycle Bin.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
Step 1
The user has to go to the 'File' drop down menu and click on it once. The user will then be presented with a variety of options to click on.
Step 2
Click on the 'Open' icon and on the left side portion of the word 'Open' is an icon that appears as an open yellow file folder with a small arrow over it. The window called 'Open' will then pop up and the user then locates the document that wants to be permanently deleted.
Step 3
To locate the file to be removed, browse through the folders until the document that wants to be deleted is found. Once the file is found, right click on the file once. Several options are then presented to the user in the 'Shortcut' menu that could be clicked on.
Step 4
Place the cursor over the 'Delete' word and then click on it. Once the user had clicked on the 'Delete' key, another window called the 'Confirm File Delete' pops up. The new window will ask confirmation from the user whether the user wants to send the file to the Recycle Bin.
Step 5
The user then clicks on 'Yes' in order that the file would be sent to the Recycle Bin. A 'No' response on the other hand will not result in the deletion of the files.
Step 6
The user then clicks on the 'Cancel' button that appears on the 'Open' window. The 'Cancel' button is usually located on the right portion of the 'Open' window.
Step 7
Proceed to the 'Recycle Bin' and then double click on it. A list of files that have been sent to the Recycle Bin will then appear before the user. The user can then click on the file that is to be permanently deleted.
Step 8
Proceed and click on the 'File' drop-down and choose the 'Delete' option. A prompt will appear asking the user to confirm the deletion of the file and by clicking on the 'Yes' option on the window popping up, the file is deleted and is no longer visible. User may now close the Recycle Bin.