How to clear history on internet explorer

Level of difficulty: EASY.

A web page is the basic part of the World Wide Web. It is the web page that contains information about other internet service. But it is web browser- the client program that enables to search through the information provided by a specific type of software. There are large number of browsers that are developed- one of the popular from them being the Internet Explorer. The Internet Explorer popularly known as IE is a proud presentation of Microsoft and is the most widely used browser. IE has many versions- the latest one being Internet Explorer 8. The Internet Explorer reads a specific web page using the HTML commands to display the desired information. While surfing the internet, IE preserves the information about the web sites visited by you and all the detailed stuff about your downloading. It is a boon for increasing our computer speed since it tracks our search history, the cookies and even the saved passwords. But this can prove troublesome if the computer is shared with more than one person. In that case others can have an easy access to the websites visited by you and your security will be in jeopardy. The way out from these problems is by simply deleting those histories from IE. During this cleaning process, many of us face a major problem. While deleting the histories from IE, certain important histories that are needed for future reference also get removed in this process. So, what’s the solution- the mouse with its few clicks and you get it done.

Materials Needed:
- Web Browser
Step 1
Open your Internet Explorer. Approach for the browser’s tool menu from the menu bar.
Step 2
From tools menu, go for deleting browsing history. It will provide various options. Select the options except the ones that you may need desperately.
Step 3
It will ask for your conformation and as soon as it receives your final consent, it will start deleting the history.
Step 4
For clearing the entire browsing history, 90 percent of the steps stated above are the same. The only difference is that here we have to select 'delete all' button instead of selecting the options in deleting the browsing history.
Step 5
While speaking of an effective and efficient web browser, the first thing that comes in our mind is the Internet Explorer. The browser history helps us by automatically suggesting information that we have typed before, temporary internet files and lot more than we can think of. But hampering your privacy and system security for attaining these benefits is like allowing your system to commit suicide. Please, don’t do it. Stop your system from being slow with these junks and insure your computer’s life by clearing the history of your Internet Explorer on a regular basis.