How to Convert M4A File to MP3

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

M4A is another name for MPEG 4. It became popular with the release of Apple’s iPod and iTunes. If you purchase music from iTunes, it will not run on an MP3 player because the file is not supported. M4A can only be played on an M4A compatible player. Due to a large number of MP3 users, a lot of free downloadable converters came out to fix the problem. Some have better quality or perform well compared to others. M4A to MP3 converters are mostly user-friendly. Its interface provides users with easy navigation tools. Most converters are fast and may include several other features.

Materials Needed:
- Personal Computer
- Internet connection
- Memory 6.4 MB free space
- M4A and MP3 file(s).
Step 1
Using the Internet, download a free version of MP3 WMA converter. You can download it free from this site: You can also try other programs that offer free download and installation. Some Internet sites also offer free trial versions for their converters.
Step 2
If you choose to download the free trial on Step 1, run the Setup file by double-clicking the icon.
Step 3
Choose your preferred language from the dialog box that appears on the screen.
Step 4
After selecting the language, the welcome page of the installation Wizard will appear. Click the 'Next' button.
Step 5
Choose 'I accept the agreement' option if you agree with the terms on the License agreement page and then click 'Next' to continue.
Step 6
Click or unclick the 'I agree to the Terms of Use and wish to install Dealio toolbar' if you prefer to install Dealio. This is optional though.
Step 7
On the next page, choose the file destination for the program or use the default setting. Click 'Next' to continue.
Step 8
Click 'Next' on the following pages then click 'Install'.
Step 9
Run the converter once installation is complete
Step 10
On the user interface, click the small folder under the 'Files to convert' option.
Step 11
Browse the M4A file you wish to convert. Click on the file then click 'Open'.
Step 12
In the Output configuration window, click the (…) button.
Step 13
Choose the quality of the MP3 file to be converted to under the General tab. Click 'Apply' button.
Step 14
Click 'Convert' button to start converting M4A to MP3 then wait for a few minutes.