How to Use HTML on MySpace

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

MySpace is a type of social networking website that allows user-submitted and interactive videos, music, photos, groups, blogs, and personal profiles to be shared openly to other members or restricted to the user’s network of friends. This online social networking service is fast becoming one of the more popular virtual communities frequented by teenagers and adults alike to keep track of family and friends as well as create new acquaintances via its different feature sets. One of the innovative assets of MySpace is its functionality of allowing the user to personalize and customize their own profiles by using basic HTML codes which are not only easy to read but also equally easy to learn and understand. Using these HTML codes, a user can create a customized background, embed music, upload images, videos, and audio stored in other online Web hosts.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- text editor
- Web browser
- Internet connection
- MySpace account
Step 1
To use HTML codes in MySpace, open the Web browser and connect to the MySpace website.
Step 2
Log in to your MySpace account under the Member Sign In box or if you are a new user, click on the 'Sign Me Up!' option instead.
Step 3
Decide on the look that you want to apply on your MySpace profile. This will determine the type of HTML codes you will be using like if you want to change text size, color, or location.
Step 4
Since errors in coding is somewhat difficult to identify from MySpace because of the way it handles the HTML codes, it is better especially for new users to make use of a text editor and use copy-paste technique.
Step 5
Open a text editor like Notepad. Type in the HTML tags and codes that you would like to apply to your profile page. Make sure to save the file just to be sure that you do not have to start from scratch. Use the HTM or HTML file extension when saving your code.
Step 6
Test your code by opening the Web browser and loading it there. This will provide you with a preview of how it will look like when loaded into MySpace.
Step 7
Repeat Step 5 and Step 6 until you are satisfied with how the code is executed in the Web browser. There should be very little or no difference at all when it is actually loaded into MySpace.
Step 8
Normally, HTML codes are placed under the Edit Profile or Manage Blog sections. Choose where you want to place your created HTML codes. You can also place the HTML codes in other user’s Web page via the 'Add Comment' feature.
Step 9
Make sure that all HTML tags are closed to avoid applying unwanted changes to some portions of your profile page.
Step 10
Go back to the text editor and copy the entire HTML code. Navigate directly to the text field and paste your HTML code there. Make sure that it is clearly separated from the actual text to avoid being confused with other contents of the field.
Step 11
Always confirm the HTML code before posting it. Majority of MySpace sections provide a preview function of the entry before the actual posting to verify that the code is displayed correctly.
Step 12
Click the 'Save' option to implement your desired changes. Enter CAPTCHA to make sure the changes will not be lost.