How to change windows icons

Level of difficulty: Easy

It is not hard to find numerous icons out of thousands but it is surely hard to decide on which icon to use. All you have to do is find the suitable icon and then to change it, just drag it to the favorite icons pane. There are two ways to change icons in windows: it can be done manually by going to properties or by using an icon tweaking program. The icons need to be ready to use for placing it in the spot where the default icons are. The icons can be downloaded in ICO format or download from the icon libraries.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Once you have browsed through the icons that you want to use and have kept them aside, you can also keep icons which you have selected and don’t want to use it presently for the selected object; you can keep it for future use. Drag the icon to the favorite icons pane.
Step 2
Right-click on the desktop and choose Properties.
Step 3
Click on the Desktop tab and click on the Customize Desktop button.
Step 4
You’ll now see the default Windows icons in the scrollable box. It should contain My Computer, My Documents, My Network Places, and Recycle Bin (full and empty).
Step 5
Click on any of the icons and choose Change Icon. You’ll now have the option to browse for icons, icon files, programs and libraries.
Step 6
Besides saving the icons, you can make a separate file and save them in it. You can customize the icon changer by specifying the extensions of the file which holds the icons that will help to display the files only that have the icon and you can use a bit man file as an icon. It should be your custom icon size, such as 32 x 32.
Step 7
You can copy the icons onto a clipboard.