How to change my windows xp key

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

If one is using a pirated or any illegal version of Windows XP, he must install the legal copy of Windows. Once you have a legal copy of the Windows and you want to upgrade the Microsoft Windows XP Operating System version, you got to purchase the new license for the Windows Operating System. It is not necessary to go through the entire installation procedure; one can simply change the older product key with the new one. One should need to login on the administrator account of the computer. It includes simple steps and even a beginner can do it.

Materials Needed:
- A licensed Microsoft product key.
Step 1
Purchase a legal copy of the Windows XP Professional, if one doesn’t have. It is very easy to obtain a valid product key from Microsoft via mail within no time. If the existing legal Windows Operating System is working fine then it is fine else upgrade it with the newly purchased copy. It is not essential to buy the full version to upgrade the product key, and the customized version is enough. The upgraded version will be cheaper and will perform well. One can also download the Windows Product Key Update Tool directly from the 'Genuine Microsoft Software' page by opening it in the internet browser. Click on 'Download' option for the tool and select 'save' it in a specific folder; or one can directly run it by clicking on the 'run' button.
Step 2
Enter the new product key into the five separated empty fields in the 'Update Tool'. An invalid product key will give an error; hence one got to enter the accurate product key.
Step 3
Once the valid product key is entered a green tick mark appears in front of the entry field. Then click on the 'Next' button to move to the next step.
Step 4
The System will ask for restarting the computer. One can place a check mark next to 'Restart Now' if he wants to restart the system at that time; else system can be restarted later. Click 'Finish' to end the process. Your actual up gradation of the product key will only come into work once you reboot the system.
Step 5
The same can be done through 'Control Panel' as well:Open the Control Panel by clicking the 'Start' button and then selecting 'Control Panel'.
Step 6
Double Click on the 'Systems and Maintenance' option.
Step 7
Open 'Systems' by double-clicking the icon.
Step 8
Click on the 'Change Product Key' button by scrolling down. A pop up window will open; enter the new product key in it. One got to ensure the correct product key as the error message will not appear on the inaccurate key.