How to choose a printer

Level of difficulty: EASY

Depending on the purpose and the location, a printer can be bought. Keep in mind where you are going to use the printer and what is the purpose of it. If you have a computer at home and need to print documents for school projects, and that too occasionally, then a color ink printer would be suitable. Having a color printer will serve the purpose of doing the projects.

Materials Needed:
- Computer Hardware
Step 1
For office users, buying a laser printer would be best because in offices the printer is used daily, you need speed and reliability and quality. If you have an office which is well budgeted, then have a colored as well as a laser printer. Both can be used.
Step 2
Color printers are good for banners, newsletter, report covers, designs, greeting cards, etc. Ink printers require more change of ink cartridges, and are slower and the cost per page is much more. Now day’s laser printers are more people friendly, it is very fast to operate and gives out good prints such as graphics, faxes and documents, it is also inexpensive and affordable.
Step 3
A printer which can be attached to a computer is a USB printer; it does that without having to put the power on of the computer first. It is easy to set up and can be shared between computers. Buy a color laser printer if you have to frequently print colored documents, that way your initial cost will go up more but the actual printing cost per page will be lesser than using a commercial copier. Color laser printer is faster to use and the result is good too.
Step 4
While buying a printer it is important to keep the brand as well as the price in mind. Choosing by brand will give you a satisfying investment. Though all printers irrespective of brands do give problems some time or later, but buy a brand which promises longevity in good service. Now if you take price as a factor, then you can’t go in for the best brand. If you are willing to spend extra, then take the best. There is a vast market with various brands of printers, keep your options open and pick one that suits your budget.