How to clear history on computer

Level of difficulty: EASY.

A computer is an electronic device that can manipulate data. From weather forecasting to banking service, computers have started affecting our lives effectively. Students from kindergarten to graduate college are using computers to gather data. Information from all over the world is available to anyone with a computer, a modem, a telephone line and an internet account. It is the internet that is having the major credit behind the immense popularity of computer. Internet consists of an incredible number of participants, connected machines and software programs all around the world. With the connection, we can literally traverse the globe- accessing the computers, sending mails and transferring files at no cost. But if you look properly, you get to see that there is a record of our past searches in the search engine- thanks to the browser. Now just imagine that you are conducting online banking and someone is having a trace to it from that history list on computer- very dangerous for you. Plus to preserve hard disk space or keep internet browsing private, we find it necessary to delete the computer history. There are some websites that are password protected and on a shared computer, the other users can have approach to those passwords through the history list. Fortunately, deleting the past searches is easily done.

Materials Needed:
- AutoComplete SOFTWARE
- for manually just few clicks of the mouse.
Step 1
From the control panel, move for the internet options ensuring that you select the general loop.
Step 2
From the history box, clear the computer history.
Step 3
It will ask for a double check and with the completion of the double check method, your computer gets cleared from the list of all its past searches.
Step 4
Apart from that, there is also another method where we can remove all the past searches at one go- the AutoComplete method.
Step 5
The internet is expanding fast, providing new resources. The computer with its internet facility, specially the Email is the widely used communication service all over the world. Networks and telecommunications has given ‘looking it up’ a new meaning. That is why life without computer is unimaginable. Along with that, the method information hacking has become popular with introduction of electronic commerce. Thus, the only way is to ensure that nobody can pry into your matters and see your activities on the internet. So, start caring about your safety and do not let others to see your private searches.