How to change color of text in html

Level of difficulty: Easy

HTML enables a user to make his web page well-turned out. One can use various kinds of fonts to make a web page eye-catching. This leaves an everlasting impact on the reader’s mind. The data can be modified by changing its font size i.e. to make it bolder or smaller. Different font size can be used to differentiate headings, sub-headings and the text therein. This helps in presenting the data in a systematic manner. Color plays the most crucial role in making data stand out. Users need to choose appropriate color schemes for their web page that perfectly blends with its background and creates a beautiful display of information.

Materials Needed:
- One should have a computer and must possess some basic knowledge of html.
Step 1
Foremost step requires users to select a suitable color for the background of their web page. The background color selected for web page should be in sync with its mood. Once the background color is selected, users need to experiment with few colors to make the best selection for text color. The color selected for text should be such that it complements its background color.
Step 2
After selecting an appropriate color for their text, users need to find suitable HTML color tag where all the changes in color can take place. There is an HTML tag for setting colors which is as follows: . Users are then required to change the color code according to their choice and preview to check its aptness.
Step 3
After selecting a new color, the HTML coded page needs to be opened in notepad. Once the HTML coded page opens up users can look for various color tags that they wish to check. Once users have decided a color, they can type its color number in HTML tag and save the file. After saving it, users can open the file in a browser to view it. The users can repeat this process if they want to see changes using different colors.
Step 4
Once users have selected few color schemes, they can type color numbers at various places in text. Users should type different color codes throughout the text to see how various colors look like. Users can then select that color option that is appealing to their eyes and best suited to the text.
Step 5
The last step requires users to save HTML file with changes made therein.