How to block internet sites

Level of difficulty: Easy

The world of internet is vast. It has inter-connected servers which sometimes have inappropriate contents for some people, mostly children. Parents often remain concerned about their internet addict children. Increasing number of social networking sites are coming up these days. It opens up the scope of interaction with a large number of people, and even strangers, some of them might be harmful. In case you are worried about your children and want them to access a limited number of websites, here are certain tips to help you out. If you want to block certain sites of Internet Explorer, go to the Menubar and click Tools. Then go to Internet Options and Content. In the Content Advisor box, you will notice the Enable option. Click it. Now click on the Approved Sites tab and enter the address of the website. If you are willing to block the entire website, you need to insert a particular sign (*) in front of the website. For example, if you want to prevent Orkut access, you will have to type, * Now select Never and then click OK. Click on the General tab and select Users can see websites which have no ratings. Now enter a password which is easy for you to remember.

Materials Needed:
- web browser.
Step 1
There are several other ways of blocking internet sites. The purpose of blocking might vary and so are the methods. Very often in office certain websites are blocked which the users cannot access. Sometimes the person owning the system may not want the user to access internet after a certain time or on certain days. They can Internet Lock and restrict browsing. For example, through 'schedule internet access' the owner may set a time after which the system will deny access of internet sites. The time is adjusted with the computer server. If the user tries to bypass the particular time or date by changing the computer time, he or she will not be successful.
Step 2
If you want to restrict access by providing password, make sure the person using the computer is not aware of it. There are even ways by which you may access a particular website, however, when someone else tries to use it the system will ask for a password. If the user is unable to provide that password or provides an incorrect password, the internet site/s will deny access. While blocking internet sites, make sure the other users are not aware of your privacy options.