How to clean your hard drive

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Computer hard drive is instrumental in saving enormous data and files due to its excellent storage capacity. Some people keep updating storage capacities of their computer hard drives which can be an expensive affair. People who cannot afford to do this have no choice but to create storage space by deleting and getting rid of unnecessary data. Hard drives clean up helps in getting rid of temporary files that keep accumulating while browsing. Cleaning of computer hard drives helps in securing personal data and increases speed of the computer as well. This also helps in avoiding unnecessary cluttering of unimportant data.

Materials Needed:
- In order to clean the hard drive
- one would require computer and computer cleaner.
Step 1
Users are required to take a close look on various files in hard drive to save those particular files that they may need in future. Users would not like to lose any relevant data so they need to search thoroughly. After selecting important files and folders from the hard drive, all they need to do is use a CD-ROM to burn those files.
Step 2
Users are then required to select 'My Computer' on the desktop. Once this icon opens up, one needs to select 'C Drive' wherein users will have to click an icon which reads as 'Documents and Settings'. After selecting this icon, users shall go to 'All Users' option to finally reach the folder of 'Shared Documents'. This folder contains various irrelevant files that are installed by default. Users should immediately delete and get rid of any unnecessary data present therein.
Step 3
Users are then required to install an anti-virus program to ensure periodic scanning of compute
Step 4
After installing an anti-virus program, users need to select 'Control Panel'. In the 'Control Panel' option users are required to click 'Add or Remove Programs' icon to look for data that needs to be deleted or saved. Users should delete any unwanted data by selecting 'Remove' option.
Step 5
The next step requires users to select 'My Computer' and go to 'Properties' after right-clicking 'C Drive'. One can find an option of 'Disk Cleanup' which users need to click to get started with the actual process. After the scanning procedure is complete, users should click 'OK' in order to delete unimportant files.
Step 6
In the 'Properties' icon users need to select 'Tools 'tab, where they are further required to select the option of 'Defragment Now'.
Step 7
The last step requires users to click 'Start' and thereafter select 'Run'. This would further need users to type 'MISCONFIG' and select 'Enter'. After clicking 'Enter', users need to select 'Startup' and then finally click 'Apply'.