How to Cite Internet Article

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Citing an Internet article is similar to citing a book or publication. Different styles may be used in citing Internet articles. Basic information is required when doing a citation. The steps are easy and straightforward so read on and follow the steps below:

Materials Needed:
- Internet access
- Credible Internet resources
- Finished article
Step 1
List the name of the author of the resource you are citing. Start with the author’s 'last name' then the 'first name'. Most often, this is the name of an organization. It is listed on top or the bottom of the page or article.
Step 2
If it does not have an author, list the name of the site itself.
Step 3
List the date when the resource was written and/or updated. Put the date in a parenthesis next to the author’s name. The date of publication is usually located at the bottom of the page. If you cannot find the actual date, you can also use the date it was last updated. Write '(n.d.)' in case no date was listed. If the article is from a magazine or newspaper, the date is located on top of the page.
Step 4
Write the article’s main title. You can either write the name in italics (I), or enclose it in quotes (' '). Place this beside the date. If it is from a journal or magazine, write the name of the journal, volume, and date of issue. Do not indicate the title of the website. Instead, indicate the title of the page in that site.
Step 5
List the date you got this article from the Web. It is the date you accessed the Web page. It is recommended to save a copy of the Web page you are citing using your browser and save the HTML file on your computer
Step 6
Follow this with the website’s name and place a colon (:) after it.
Step 7
Copy the URL of the website then paste it after the colon then place a period at the end. The URL is the Web address of the page. Copy it directly from the browser then paste it to create a hyperlink. Once you double-click this link, it will automatically launch your browser and direct you to the resource’s page.
Step 8
Check your citation for accuracy. The citation should look something like this: Franklin, Benjamin.(October 7, 1979).'The Fourth of July'. Retrieved December 25, 2007 from the Freedom and Justice website: