How to Cite Internet Source

Level of difficulty: Easy

Internet source citation is used in reports, books, and other published and printed materials. Citing Internet sources can easily be done when the correct and standard form is followed. Accuracy in presentation of information is important, as well as a complete citation of the work and source. Plagiarism is the failure of citing someone for their work or misrepresenting their work. Prevent plagiarism by citing your sources even when using the Internet as a source.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- Internet connection
- Internet source
Step 1
Review the Internet source. Note the name of the author, with the last name first. Place a period at the end of the name. Skip this step if no author is listed.
Step 2
Place the title of the article next to the author’s name. Enclose quotation marks on the title. State the Web page title within the website and not the name of the website you are using. Place a comma at the end of the title after the closing quotation mark.
Step 3
Cite the website title. Place it next to the article title and underline it and a comma after it. Check the Web address for the website title or find the link to the homepage to get the website title.
Step 4
List the date the site was last updated. Most articles or Web pages include a 'last updated' date. Place comma after the date.
Step 5
Place the date the article or Web pages were accessed. This is the date that you have first viewed or accessed the Web page or pages. Place a comma after this date.
Step 6
Include the Uniform Resource Locator or URL or commonly known as the Web address. Highlight from the navigation toolbar the complete address or URL, copy then paste at the end of your Internet source citation.
Step 7
Verify your Internet citation for accuracy. Some websites or sources may disappear rendering your citation inaccurate. Archive and protect your source and by using Web citing sites. You may also cite the archived location of your source by placing 'Archived at' then place the archived address and date archived. Example: Smith, John. 'Smith accuses Baker of Plagiarism', The Guard, January 9, 2005, March 11, 2006, URL:, Archived at on November 17, 2006.
Step 8
Remember to use parenthetical documentation. Put the author’s last name and the page number of the quote or fact and enclose it in parentheses after the quote. The period for the sentence is placed after the quote and citation.