How to clean your dvd player

Level of difficulty: Difficult

Like many other electronic devices, DVD players too attract pollen, dust, fingerprints, & other contaminated particles. So the DVD player too needs to be maintained regularly so that they can function efficiently. With majority of the population opting to view movies at home, DVD’s have become a crucial part of our lives. It is important to have a regular cleaning regime so that the movies can be viewed without any grainy pictures or any interruption. This will also ensure that the DVD player can be used for longer period of time. Exterior of the player can be cleaned easily however; the interior is the one that requires more cleaning as it attracts dust more than exterior.

Materials Needed:
- Alcohol
- lint free cloth or dry cotton cloth
Step 1
Turn off the DVD player, it should not be connected to the power supply (unplug it from TV too). Place it on the table or desk which is comfortable for cleaning.
Step 2
To clean exterior: One can clean the exterior of a DVD player by using dry cotton cloth or lint free cloth. One can use water and alcohol to clean it. Use small amount of alcohol on the cloth and rub the exterior gently. The advantage of using alcohol is that it evaporates quickly. Use cloth to clean the vent areas. Do not use duster as it may push the dust inside the player. It is very important to clean the vents. Vents can be cleaned using a compressed air can. Softly spray it in the vents so that the dust can be cleared off.
Step 3
To clean the interior: When the DVD skips, does not load or the audio/ video signals are not clear, this indicates that the interior of the DVD player needs to be cleaned. It is important to clean the lens of the player to ensure that the disc is properly read. Easier way to clean the lens is to buy (lens) cleaning disc. These discs are easily available in the market and it can also be used as the first method for repairing the DVD player (if there is disc reading problem). Dismantle the DVD player and clean the interior by hand. Cotton swab wet with alcohol can be used for cleaning the surfaces. Do not clean the green circuit board. Compressed air can, can be used to reach the difficult places. Cleaning the DVD player is important every 4 to 6 weeks and this would give surety that DVD will run for long.