How to check computer memory

Level of difficulty: EASY

The performance of your computer depends on the amount of memory stored in your computer. If you have a fast processor and less memory, the performance of your computer will be poor and slow. When you notice that your computer is acting strange, then it is the best time to check your memory. You can find out by checking your hard disk and RAM (Random Access Memory) how much memory you have on your computer. The standard memory that is used is 64 MB, but many people prefer using 128 MB. If you are a frequent internet user, then 64 MB is sufficient enough. If you play games and work on graphics, then you need to put a graphic and game card to increase memory.

Materials Needed:
- Computer Hardware
Step 1
To check out the free place and taken place in the hard disk,
Step 2
Go to 'My Computer', where all the drives are accessible.
Step 3
Right click' on any of the drives and then click on 'Properties'.
Step 4
You will find a new window opened up, that will show the place which is taken and which is free on that specific drive.
Step 5
This process will help you to check the memory of all the drives. Follow the same procedure for the other drives. It also shows how much more data you are able to store in these drives.
Step 6
In order to know how much memory RAM has
Step 7
You should start by clicking on 'Start' and then go to 'Programs'.
Step 8
When programs has opened up, from there click on 'Accessories', and then go to 'System Tools'.
Step 9
An option will come up which says 'System Information'. A new window will pop up, and in page one you will see the 'Total Physical Memory' which is the RAM.
Step 10
There could be problems with your memory when suddenly your computer freezes and then you have to restart it to make it work again. There may be a problem with the operating system or with the hardware. This means you have to remove the memory from your computer and get it checked up, there might be an error with the computer memory and it may have to be changed.