How to Download MP3 to PSP

Level of difficulty: Easy

PSP is a handheld gaming console. This gaming console also supports movie and music files such as MP3 and MP4. Downloading these files and games into the PSP is possible with the use of the computer.

Materials Needed:
- PC with USB port
- PSP USB cable
- MP3 files
Step 1
The download process of MP3 requires connecting the PSP into the computer via a USB cable. There are things to check before connecting the PSP to the computer. Turn off the PSP before attaching the USB cable. Ensure that the memory card of the PSP is properly placed in the memory card slot. This is to prevent corrupting the files in the memory card.
Step 2
Insert the USB cable to the USB port of the computer and the other end to the USB slot of the gaming console. Turn the PSP back on after this.
Step 3
Press the 'Home' button of the PSP. The 'Home' button is located at the lower left part of the screen. Use the directional buttons to navigate and go to the Settings menu.
Step 4
Locate the USB Connection option from the menu. Enable the USB Connection and disable USB charging in this option. The computer will display a message that it detects a new connection.
Step 5
The computer will assign a generic hard drive name on the PSP. The hard drive name is either E: or F: if there are no other connected devices or drivers in the computer. Determine the free memory space in the PSP before anything else. Click on the drive letter to open the memory card of the PSP.
Step 6
Create a folder in this location and name it PSP.
Step 7
Create another folder within the PSP folder and name it music.
Step 8
Locate and select the MP3 files to transfer onto the PSP. Determine the total file size of the MP3 files and find out if it will fit in the available memory space of the PSP. Right click on the selected file to display a drop down menu. Select the 'Cut' option from this menu. This will make the selected files transparent.
Step 9
Go back to created music folder in the PSP. Right click on the folder to display another drop down menu. Select the 'Paste' from the listed options. This will start the transfer of the MP3 files onto the PSP. The transfer may take a while if the file size is big.
Step 10
Eject the USB connection after the completing the transfer process.