How To Install a Short Ram Intake

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

A short ram intake is an automobile component that is used to replace the stock air intake of the internal combustion engine. It allows for a noticeable increase in the amount of airflow volume that goes into the engine. Some people however aver that despite the increase in airflow, there is a drawback to this modding technique. This is because it results in a higher temperature air intake caused by its closeness to the engine thereby resulting in lesser engine power output. To address this concern, some short ram intake manufacturers have resulted in the incorporation of some form of heat shield mechanism to reduce the temperature. Others have also reconfigured the short ram by directing the inlet port away from the vehicle's engine block or by increasing the amount of airflow. The increased noise generated by the short ram intake is an acceptable and harmless effect when considering the overall improvement in terms of gas mileage, torque, and engine horsepower.

Materials Needed:
- Short ram air intake
- hose clamps
- Protective goggles
- Screwdriver
- Adjustable wrench
Step 1
The first step in the installation of a short ram intake is to purchase the correct kit that is suited for your vehicle. This will eliminate any potential problems during the replacement of the factory air intake component. Check the packaging to ensure that it is the right type for you.
Step 2
Check other components like hose clamps which may be needed during the installation procedure. It is better to be prepared with extra parts before removing the old air intake system.
Step 3
Make sure to remove all connections to your car battery. This is done not only to give more elbow room during the installation but also provides the onboard computer system of your vehicle to adjust itself to the newly installed air intake mechanism.
Step 4
Take your adjustable wrench and begin to loosen and remove the bolts of the old air intake. Uninstall it from the engine block by removing all bolts that hold it into place.
Step 5
Once all bolts have been removed, unplug the Maximum Air Flow (MAF) sensor as well as pull out the tubing of the old air intake mechanism.
Step 6
After completely removing the components, begin to put in place the main piping of the new short ram intake system. Make sure to adequately tighten the hose clamps at both ends of the throttle body to attain optimal performance.
Step 7
Check that the rubber mounting is correctly positioned based on the short ram intake design applicable for your vehicle.
Step 8
When everything is securely in place, continue by reconnecting the breather hose followed by the MAD sensors. The tubing for the new short ram air intake mechanism should be put in place after that.
Step 9
Setup the new air filter system of the short ram intake. Use a flathead screwdriver to make sure all the hose clamps are secure and that there are no unnecessary gaps in the air intake system.
Step 10
After visual checking of the newly installed system, reconnect the battery terminals.
Step 11
Start your vehicle by revving the engine a couple of times. Listen for unwanted sounds that may signs of incorrect installation. It is natural to have a comparatively louder sound than the factory installed air intake system. This increased sound is attributed to the higher combustion within the engine block. You have now successfully installed a new short ram intake.