How to clean my computer

Level of difficulty: Easy

For your computer to function well, it is important to keep it in good condition, the system as well as the outside. Keep it healthy and clean.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized tools
Step 1
Firstly unplug the power to your computer, make sure all the points are switched off. The keyboard gets the dirtiest in the whole computer. While working or maybe eating next to the computer, things fall into the keyboard and then we forget to take it out.
Step 2
particles, dust, grime and hair accumulate in the keyboard and in between the corners of y our keyboard. Those who have dogs and cats have the most problem as their hair files. Cleaning out the keyboard is a simple thing; use a can of compressed air which you can buy from a store.
Step 3
Keep the keyboard upside down and then blow air between the keys, the short bursts of air will put pressure between the keys and remove the dirt particles easily.
Step 4
Keep something under the keyboard to hold the dirt particles; you wouldn’t want to dirty the place.
Step 5
Use the same procedure for a laptop keyboard too, but since a laptop is much more delicate, be more careful while blowing.
Step 6
For the mouse, a good way of keeping it clean is by using a mouse pad. When dirt particles get into the mouse’s optical sensor, it obscures the sensor and movement of the mouse gets difficult.
Step 7
Clean the outsides of the mouse properly by removing the dirt from the mouse pad.
Step 8
Use a vacuum cleaner to the front and back panels of your computer and in openings where dust has accumulated. Attach a brush to your vacuum cleaner, vacuum the dust from around the computer, this will work well as pressure helps remove the dirt.
Step 9
Clean the external hard disks and vent holes, don’t let dirt settle down on it as it will jam up the system. Open up the computer and take a soft brush attachment to your vacuum and suck out all the dust from every part of the computer.
Step 10
To avoid dust forming on your computer, keep it in a cool and dust free zone. Heat prevents dust from moving away. Depending on the environment, clean your computer, sometimes going without cleaning for a month will be fine if your computer is in a dust free zone.