How to Clean a Laptop Screen

Level of difficulty: Easy

Nowadays, many computer users prefer to use laptops rather than desktop computers. Laptops are portable, providing the user with mobility. People tend to touch the laptop’s screen while adjusting the lid of the laptop. This action leads to fingerprint smudges. The laptop’s travel from place to place exposes it to dust which accumulates on the screen. These smudges and dust collecting on the screen’s surface may lead to less than optimal viewing of the display, and eventually, scratches that may not be removed anymore. To prevent this, proper maintenance and cleaning of the laptop’s screen must be done from time to time. This procedure is easy to accomplish with the use of common household items.

Materials Needed:
- Micro Fiber Cloth (2 Pieces)
- Water
- Liquid soap
- Laptop
- Small bowl
Step 1
Check the laptop’s manual for particular cleaning instructions before cleaning the laptop’s screen. Turn off and unplug the laptop from its power source (if connected) before cleaning. To make sure that the laptop does not have any flow of electric current, disconnect the battery of the laptop.
Step 2
Prepare the materials to be used in cleaning. Set the water in the bowl. Make sure that the water does not accidentally splash on the laptop’s surface.
Step 3
Use a dry micro fiber cloth and gently wipe the laptop’s screen in circular or vertical strokes to remove the dust.
Step 4
Make a solution of water and a small amount of liquid soap. Mix until the solution is slightly foamy. This mixture will be used for hard-to-remove stains on the laptop screen. Do not use too much soap, as this may become a sticky stain on your screen when it dries.
Step 5
Dampen the piece of cloth used earlier. Do not use any paper towels or napkins, as it will leave bits and pieces of residue on the laptop screen.
Step 6
Wipe the damp cloth gently on the screen. Search and wipe away the fingerprint smudges that may have been imprinted on the screen. Wipe the edges and corners where dust and dirt may be lodged.
Step 7
Use a dry cloth, and dry the screen. Wipe away any moisture that may have been left by the solution.
Step 8
Align the battery to its port. Re-attach the battery. Plug the power cable to the outlet if needed. Turn on the laptop and check for any dust or dirt that may have been overlooked. Repeat steps 1-8 if needed, or every few weeks to maintain the clarity of the display.