How to charge an apple ipod

Level of difficulty: Easy

The first step involves obtaining a charger. It should be kept at a place where one can have an easy access to it. IPod can also be charged via computers or adapters. In such instances, a USB cord is used to connect the iPod with computer or adapter.

Materials Needed:
- In order to charge an iPod
- all one needs is an iPod and a charger. IPod USB
- computer and an adapter may also be required if one decides to charge via these means.
Step 1
Once the charger is obtained, users need to connect it to their iPod. The flat plug is inserted into iPod’s base. After doing this an iPod is connected to the charger.
Step 2
Once the charger is connected to an iPod, one need to see to it that prongs of charger are out. Otherwise, an iPod cannot be plugged to the charger.
Step 3
After connecting an iPod to a charger, one should plug it into an electricity point to initiate the process of charging.
Step 4
Once the process of charging starts, one need to leave iPod battery uninterrupted to make its battery fully charged.
Step 5
Once the process of charging is completed, iPod should immediately disconnected to its charger. The iPod battery should be fully charged to ensure its long life.