How to create a personal website

Level of difficulty: Easy

Personal websites can be created to post pictures and videos of family you want to share with everyone, it can be a wedding, graduation or posting the family history. Personal sites also deal with hobbies, interests such as model cars, paintings, football team, etc. They come in all flavors and it helps you to keep in touch with people and share media and other information like birthdays, parties, weddings, anniversaries, etc. A person with interest and spare time in hand can go ahead and create his own personal website. For that you don’t need to know HTML.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
The deciding factor is the host whether your website will be free of cost or will be a paid site. First of all, set up an account for a small amount.
Step 2
Get yourself a domain name if your host did not provide you with one, a simple domain name is better than a complicated one, as it will help people remember it for example, This can be remembered by people.
Step 3
Since it is a website which is viewed mostly by family and friends, see what you have to offer them. Set up a photo gallery, guest book forum, a calendar, an email list, etc. Write every point down so that you don’t forget to post any of the details.
Step 4
Set up a personalized logo for your website even if you think you don’t require it as it unifies and makes it more comfortable for the guests. Use Adobe PhotoShop to change the text using a good design. No need to buy a software for the logo, use inkscape which is just fine, it is free and as good as Photoshop and Paint.
Step 5
Now create a 'Homepage' giving an introduction to the website, and follow the basic instructions how to navigate the pages. You can use HTML to do so. Follow it up with a 'Biography' page and 'Contact' page. The pages should be saved as .html.
Step 6
Upload the pages and files to a root folder, use FTP program to log onto the server. Type out on the browser’s address bar '' and hit 'Go'or else use the Enter key. Write out the username and password.
Step 7
Update your personal site with news and photos and share personal instances and stories with friends and family to keep the site going.