How to burn dual layer dvd

Level of difficulty: Easy

A dual layer media means those commercially pressed DVD- ROMs whose recordable discs have two layer of dye and almost doubles the size of older DVD. Only DVD burners with dual layer DVD R media compatibility are able to burn the double layer media. The DVD burners not having the capabilities, the option of upgrading is open to burn the double layer media. The players are low cost and now installed in most of the households thus allowing enjoying burn their own DVDs. Dual layer DVD, commonly called “DVD9” is nothing new. Now a day most of the movies are available on dual layer DVD discs. Since the dual layer technology is the major highlighted criteria, dual layer DVD recording is the bigger version of single layer recordable technology. The best program to use for this is the Nero StartSmart since it provides all the tools that are needed. For video disc click on the “photo/video” icon underneath the program’s main menu, Nero will present a new project.

Materials Needed:
Step 1
Click the option 'DVD9' from the drop down menu in the bottom right hand corner of the project.
Step 2
Drag and drop the media files on the project and automatically the program will start analyzing them and will show how much space it takes up on the DVD.
Step 3
Then to proceed to the menu editing process, click 'Next' and create customized menus for the DVD.
Step 4
Press 'Next' after testing all the functions and soon final screen comes up with the burning options.
Step 5
The dual layer DVD disc has to be inserted and press the 'burn' icon to let the burning process begin. For data disc, almost the entire process is same except that we have to click on the 'Data' icon in the Nero main menu and click 'Make Data DVD' instead of the video option.
Step 6
Dual layer DVD can hold double the amount of space as a standard one and they play in all regular DVD players. This makes it much easy for us to create back up computer files or store multiple movies. There are certain settings that we should need to take care of while creating the discs but overall, burning a dual layer DVD is not that much troublesome as compared to a standard DVD. This technology allows material to be read and recorded on one layer without affecting the contents on the other layer. So next time when you are buying a DVD, make sure that it is 'DVD9'.