How to build your own website

Level of difficulty: Easy

Do you want to create a website of your own? The process is simple. You should know some tips that will make your website interesting and informative. Here are a few steps to help you out.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Do spend some time and money (if needed) for making your website unique. However, the overdose and misuse of certain things can prevent your site from getting its publicity. For example, if you use excessive colors, images, videos, your website may take a lot of time to load; the viewers may get impatient and leave your site. Excessive use of graphics is also bad for search engine ranking.
Step 2
Ensure that your website does not have browsing problems. Test your Web pages on different browsers for knowing it works in all computers including the older browsers. If you use frames, they are visually attractive and might be appreciated by the visitors, but they are not at all good for search engines. If the search engines do not support your website, there is a little possibility that your website will be even found out. Frames do not give internet surfers the options of bookmarking individual pages as well. So, keeping your website simple will be the best idea.
Step 3
Using standard colors for your website is recommended. If you use very bright colors some visitors may not like it. Most websites use the same colors for their links and read links. Trying something very different may confuse the users. HTML provides the option of making things blink. But if you use it too much, the visitors may find it irritating. You should also avoid using big graphics or a large number of graphics on your page. If your site takes quite some time to load, users may not wait and go to some other sites. Inserting narrow columns would be a good idea. It helps the visitor to read. If they need to scroll sideways for each line they read, they may lose interest in your site. Therefore while creating a website; always have the target readers in your mind.
Step 4
For keeping the visitors hooked to your site, go on updating new informations. If your website does not provide current news, it is likely that the users will not go through them. If you give current informations, your website will also have a chance of improving its web ranking. Make sure the informations that you provide are right. Wrong informations may hamper the reputation of your site.