How to charge my laptop battery

Level of difficulty: Easy

Users must possess adequate knowledge about different kinds of laptop batteries. There are certain measures that people should undertake to preserve the life of their laptop batteries to make them effective. Batteries should be kept clean and should be saved from excess exposure to extreme temperatures. As excessive exposure to heat or cold can hamper their life and s adversely affect their functioning. Batteries should not be left idle for a longer period of time to keep them active. Batteries should be saved from “Memory Effect”. It is that condition where the battery may account for a decreased performance or even complete failure. Adequate preventive measures must be taken to avoid such instances.

Materials Needed:
- In order to charge a laptop battery
- one needs to have a laptop with its battery inserted. One also needs a charging adapter and the power outlet.
Step 1
Foremost step for users in their process of charging a laptop battery is to make sure that the battery is drained to a large extent. Lesser the charge, the better it is as this helps in increasing load cycle. The battery that is drained up to a limited extent will not produce effective results.
Step 2
The second step includes connecting laptop to computer by using an adapter. This initiates the charging process of a laptop battery.
Step 3
Once the laptop is connected to computer, charging process begins. Users can get a confirmation whether the battery is charging or not by an icon that appears on their computer. The charging process is conducted faster when computer is in no use and is turned off. However, one can use the computer while charging laptop battery.
Step 4
After the charging process begins, its progress need to be measured from time to time. This gives users the much required information about how much time does the battery needs to be fully charged. There is an icon present on the task bar that measures laptop’s battery level. Users can select this icon by right clicking on it to know about other battery related features.
Step 5
Once this charging process gets completed, users can remove the adapter.