How to buy a PC monitor

Level of difficulty: Easy

The monitor is also known as the display unit which means everything that we are giving as an input and getting as an output will be displayed on the monitor. With the advancement in technology the monitors have also changed a lot. The most of the monitors even today are made using the cathode ray tube. The monitors which use this technology are more massive and more in weight than the other monitors. The latest monitors in market are the LCD monitors. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. These are sleek and lighter in weight and are also having a better display.

Materials Needed:
- You will be required to take the rough dimensions of the place where the monitor will be kept. Then you also will have to decide on the type of monitor you want and the amount of money you can spend.
Step 1
The first step is to decide the size of the display unit. Monitors can be seen in sizes like 15 inches, 17 inches, 21 inches and many such sizes. These sizes however are the sizes of the monitor and not of the viewable screen. Ideally a 17 inch monitor is adequate for a computer that has to be used for more than two hours a day. For the people who will be using the monitor for more of graphical work and software like cad then a 21 inch monitor is recommended.
Step 2
The second step is to choose a monitor with good resolution. By good resolution I do not mean that you buy higher end resolution display screen as these cost very high and the resolution is not even utilized by the user. For a 17 inch monitor the apt resolution is of 1280 by 1024 and for a 21 inch monitor it is 1600 by 1200.
Step 3
Buy a monitor that has easy to operate controls given on the front panel. These controls are helpful in adjusting the viewing settings according to the users wish. A not so easy to use control can hinder the viewing.
Step 4
The price range is another important factor that will affect your purchase. A LCD screen is the most expensive monitor followed by a flat screen which is followed by the traditional monitor having the least price.
Step 5
Look for a good warranty period for your monitor. Also ask if the brand you are purchasing provides technical assistance or not. One last tip, even if you are buying a monitor online do visit a shop nearby before buying so that you get a fair idea of what’s latest in the market.