How to Get Free Cable Internet

Level of difficulty: Easy

One survey revealed that majority of American households have not subscribed to a Cable or broadband Internet connection primarily on the belief that it is too expensive when compared to the dial-up Internet access they are currently using. The concept of free cable Internet is actually almost unthinkable but, surprisingly is a reality if a computer user knows where to get it. Many telecommunications and other service companies are actually offering free cable Internet access to computer users in exchange of a lock-in subscription to the services their companies are offering to the public. According to the Director for Public Affairs of BB Communications, there is a growing misconception among computer users that the only way to get free cable Internet access is to illegally tap into the Internet connection of legitimate subscribers.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- broadband Internet connection
- Web browser
Step 1
One way to get free cable Internet access is to subscribe to bundled packages from telecommunications providers. For example, subscribing to a high speed Internet connection that bundles VoIP (Voice over IP) services will translate to a lower telephone bill because this will virtually absorb the broadband service; thereby, making it free.
Step 2
Computer users not interested in this type of arrangement can also look at the offer of Carphone Warehouse. This company provides free cable Internet access to its subscribers provided that they avail of the TakTalk fixed line service offered by the company. Supposedly, an 8Mb connection will be set up for free for the subscriber which is a far cry from the standard 2Mbit delivered when subscribing to cable Internet access.
Step 3
Since cable Internet runs directly on the line used to deliver cable TV programming, subscribers of Sky TV may be interested in the company’s offer to provide free broadband Internet connection with their subscription packages. Although the basic package consists of a 2Mbps connection and a monthly download limit of 2Gb, the bottom line is that it is free. For computer users that need additional download capacity, the limit can be extended up to 40Gb for an additional monthly charge. For existing Sky subscribers, this is an ideal method to get free broadband access.
Step 4
In a similar fashion, Orange is providing both new and existing customers with a broadband starter package provided that they sign up for either an 18- or 24-month mobile plan. The broadband package is free for selected mobile plans offered by the company. The connection speed likewise tops off at 2Mbps with a download limit of 2Gb per month.
Step 5
Tiscali on the other hand made some type of innovation to its free cable Internet package. The company offers free line rental, email account, modem, anti-virus, and anti-spam protection services in exchange for a paid broadband access. When you weigh the monetary value of all the freebies provided by the company, the cable Internet access is practically free. It however requires the user to pay for a one-time setup fee and limits the connection speed to 2Mbps.