How to change recycle bin icon

Level of difficulty: Easy

One of the very many icons of the desktop is the recycle bin icon. It is an icon which is always present. For some reason or the other, if you don’t like the icon of the recycle bin on your desktop, you can change it by personalizing it and the process is very easy. Make it to your liking and more interesting by being innovative.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
You can do this by right clicking on the empty area of the desktop and choose the option 'Personalize'. A window will open up as 'Personalization'.
Step 2
You will see 'Tasks' in the left hand corner, click on 'Change desktop Icons'. The dialog box of the Desktop Icon Settings will come up, click on the recycle bin full icon.
Step 3
Then go ahead and click on the 'Change Icon' button.
Step 4
A dialog box will appear which says 'Change Icon', click on the button 'Browse' to find another icon that you want to choose or maybe an icon which you have downloaded and selected from the Internet.
Step 5
You can also use icons which are in files, do the same with the Recycle Bin empty icon. You can also create your own icon by browsing through informational sites.
Step 6
To close the dialog box, click on 'OK. Now you have personalized the window. If change the theme it may also change the icon of the Recycle Bin.
Step 7
If you want to change the Recycle Bin icon back to its original self, then click on Restore Default.