How to convert files

Level of difficulty: hard

There are various online free software available that can convert audio, video and text files for anyone, from wherever and into any type of format that you require. What is most important is that you should know where the files are kept which you wish to convert is exactly on the computer and which conversion you want it to be formatted into. If you use Media Convert software then it will tell you exactly what format your present file is in. For example, you might want to change a Word format to an Excel spreadsheet format, this can be done via the software.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Files, which are converted, can be shown in different formats with the help of URLS, mobiles, zipped or downloaded from the site.
Step 2
Though files can be converted to any format, going through this process is painful and well known. You will get many programs to do the job of converting files but it is a costly affair as it’s a tedious task.
Step 3
An available program named Format Factory is free to download, and is powerful for conversion. Format Factory doesn’t only convert video files but also can convert audio files and image files and it can support more than 50 languages, makes the file size small, and repair files which get damaged.
Step 4
Format factory supports a huge number of files and does conversion of videos very nicely to MP4, 3GP, MPG, AVI, WMV, FLV and SWF. Also audio files can be converted to MP3, WMA, AMR, WAV, etc. The image files can be converted to JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, ICO, and GIF.
Step 5
. Open the dialog box, then choose file>Batch>Process.
Step 6
. Go to the folder where the file is present.
Step 7
Pick New Type from the Save Mode box, save to a new location and give it a name. Convert it to new file format, then Save Options.
Step 8
From there, select a new file format, and click the button 'Save', then click on Ok. The converted files can be named again. Do so by clicking on Modify, then a rename options list will come up; add to move it to the included list.
Step 9
Before converting, use the Script group box and run a script on all the files, use the navigator to where the script is; make the run script in silent mode.
Step 10
Now the conversion starts, and you will get to see the conversion process. After its over, click on Ok or Save.