How to change font in html

Level of difficulty: Easy

The font used on a website can make a great difference to your site. If the font is good, it can attract more visitors to your site and differentiate it from other sites. A font can add spice to your webpage. If you want to create a sophisticated and attractive web page, you should know when and how to change your font size with html. The commonly used font is Arial. Fonts can be useful in emphasizing on a certain topic or used for headers. Here are some ways in which you can change your font with the help of html. Place a font tag inside the html page.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
First you have to decide where you want to change the font. It can be used as headers if there is a specific topic to be highlighted. Along with the font, you can change the color too for more effect. Start with your text editor which helps you to create your webpage.
Step 2
To change a certain font name, write ' = 'directly in front of the font name which you want changed, and if you want another font name to be changed, you can type a comma and then use the space bar. This way you can have another choice and type it in. The tag in html is this = < >, so always remember to type the font tag at the beginning and the end of a font name, without a tag, the process is incomplete.
Step 3
At the end of the text that you change, type the words '’.
Step 4
When you have typed the paragraph, then type '

'at the end of it. The text that you have written should be like this example, such as Velcro company


Velcro company has been supplying you for the past eight years. The main purpose is to supply to the Eastern Zone.

Step 5
You have to be careful while choosing your font. It is better to be safe than sorry so use fonts which will be comfortable for people to read such as Courier, Serif, Times New Roman, etc.
Step 6
To keep your webpage updated, you will keep making font changes and as you do so, keep refreshing your page to display the new changes. Now you can open a new browser and display the new font. Make sure to close the html tag after you have finished using it.