How to burn a cd

Level of difficulty: Easy

Do you already have a CD burner in your computer? Are you interested in knowing the methods of burning a CD? Here are few tips to help you. The CD writers which are usually accessed by us mostly come with some kind of CD writing software. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer though. Do you know where your CD burning program is located? It should be situated somewhere under the Start menu, Programs. It would not be on your desktop or quick launch toolbar. In case you do not have a CD writing program on your computer, you can purchase it.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
When you find out the location of the CD burner, start the burning process. When you start, you get an option to choose between either writing manually or via a wizard. You should select wizard. Then you might be asked what kind of CD you want to write. Is it audio or data? In case of saving files, select data. If you are making a music CD from some CDs, choose music. For music CDs, CD-R is the best choice. If you have a CD-RW, use that for data which you may or may not want to save (they are not usually good for music because most CD players refuse to play CD-RWs). Now you need to choose files. In most of the cases you get a 'Windows Explorer' type interface that lets you either choose files manually or just drag and drop them. You will see an option for writing the CD. Most of the programs will let you 'test' before you write the CD. In the first few times when you use the CD burner, testing them would not be a bad idea. If you face any problem regarding this, you may skip this step next time onwards.
Step 2
When the CD writing process is going on, it would be best not to indulge in other computer activities. The burning process may slow down if you keep your computer busy with other works. If the computer is used and it is unable to get the information to the CD burner fast, you can encounter a buffer underrun error. Your CD will become useless in the process. Waiting for a while would be best.
Step 3
If you still face problems while burning your CD, consult internet before you start the process. Choose the methods which you find the most suitable for your system.