How to clean out your PC

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

When it comes to desktop computers and laptops, one factor that would determine their effectiveness is the cleanliness. Keeping a computer clean doesn’t mean that one needs to just clean it externally, one needs to clean the internal memory, software as well as the programs which need to be updated. It has been observed that people usually complain about the speed of the computer. This slow speed might be due to some factors like presence of some viruses, overloaded data, software that are heavy, low system storage and many others. All the parameters that affect the functions can be enhanced by proper clean up of the computer.

Materials Needed:
- Basics of computer applications and how to operate them
Step 1
An individual can begin to clean by scanning the various disks and software. This would help to identify the viruses and also create a lot of free storage space.
Step 2
Press the 'start' button on the key board or on the screen at the left bottom.
Step 3
Then go to 'all programs' and then select 'accessories'.
Step 4
Then one individual needs to go to the 'system tools' and then press on 'disk cleanup'
Step 5
As the disk cleanup opens, a scan process would begin. Then a white dialog box would show up with multiple options. Click on all of them and then press ok.
Step 6
The system will then ask the user if he or she wants to execute the program, click on yes and then it will work to delete all the material that is junk including the unwanted files and give lot of free space.
Step 7
After the task is over again a dialog box would appear that would tell that the disk cleanup is done.
Step 8
Another way to clean the computer is to keep the antivirus files updated and keep them running over the system at least once a month. Apart from buying the antivirus programs some of these are also available free of cost. Individual can simply download from the website and register for the free antivirus services.
Step 9
While working on internet most of the people are using the java scripted pages and these have their own java cache files that get stored in the system. So to free the system from them one can delete them.
Step 10
Deleting java files is easy. Press on 'start' and reach the 'java control panel' that is located in the 'control panel'.
Step 11
Press on 'java settings', the click on 'delete files'. Select both the options and press ok.
Step 12
Once the java files are deleted the dialog box will disappear.