How to Send a ZIP File

Level of difficulty: Easy

Zipping or compressing files is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to send files via email or to upload files to a server.

Materials Needed:
- A computer
- file compression application
- Internet connection
- anti-virus software (optional)
Step 1
Choose the file or files to be compressed and/or brought together by selecting them using the mouse or the CTRL key (if you are selecting several items) or the Shift key (if you are choosing them in blocks).
Step 2
Right-click on one of the selected files and a pop-up menu will appear. Point your mouse over 'Send to' to view another pop-up menu where you are to click on 'Compressed (Zipped) Folder'. A new file, which will probably be given the name of one of the files or folders in its contents, will be created with a '.zip' extension. You may change the new compressed or zipped folder’s name as needed. You may notice that there is a decrease in byte size of the compressed file compared to the total number of original bytes if you add all byte numbers of the contents before they were compressed or zipped. This is normal.
Step 3
You can still add files to the new compressed folder by simply dragging the icon of the file inside the compressed folder.
Step 4
It is advisable to check if any of the files in the zipped file you are sending may contain malicious software. Most applications that may cause harm or damage to a computer or compromise the privacy of a system are spread through email attachments. Right-click on the zipped file and choose 'Scan for Viruses'. The wording of this command may vary depending on the type of anti-virus software you have installed in your system.
Step 5
Open your email client and go to 'compose'. Fill in the 'to', 'subject', and the space allocated for the email message.
Step 6
Try to find an 'add attachment' button or option and click. This would prompt a blank field or blank fields, which you can fill in manually if you have memorized the location and name of your file, or just click on the 'browse' button beside the field. A new screen appears, exploring the contents of the computer. Search for the compressed file you are sending. Double-click and attach it to your email.
Step 7
Send your email with your attachment to the recipient by clicking on the 'Send' button.
Step 8
Wait for the notification that your email has been sent.