How to Connect to a Linksys Router

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

LinkSys is a popular router developed by Cisco. It allows a user to link Internet and various devices to each other. These devices include computers and printers. The router serves as the user’s central network that grants the user access to various devices. LinkSys routers may come in various types such as DSL routers, wireless routers, and cable routers. To learn how to connect to a Linksys router, follow the steps given here.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- modem
- LinkSys router
- Ethernet cables
Step 1
Assemble the Linksys router. First, attach the antennas to the router and then insert the Ethernet cable coming from the Internet provider line into the port named 'Internet'. Insert the second Ethernet cable into another available port and into the computer’s Ethernet port.
Step 2
Set up the first Ethernet cable by unplugging the power cord and removing the Ethernet cable from the modem. Place the cable at the back of the router on yellow port No. 1 and leave the opposite end of the cable into the PC.
Step 3
Set up the second Ethernet cable by placing one end into one of the modem’s ports and the other end into the router’s 'Internet' port. Reconnect the power cord to the modem; however, before you proceed, wait for around 30 seconds to allow the modem to start up. Connect to the Linksys router and turn it on. Wait for one minute to allow the router to power up. Launch an Internet browser and observe if a successful access can be made into any Internet website to ascertain the proper set-up of the router.
Step 4
You can then open the Web browser and visit the Linksys router LAN address identified as http:/ If the LAN address cannot be accessed, the router’s manual may provide the LAN address that needs to be accessed.
Step 5
Next, type the router’s login and password. The system’s default login is usually in blank while 'admin' is the password. If both passwords and logins do not work, you may use 'RTFM'.
Step 6
Click the 'Advanced' option and then the 'Forwarding' option on the top right portion of the monitor. In the box called 'Customized applications', enter the name of the preferred program to be used. Examples of such program are NetFine and KDX Server.
Step 7
In two boxes called 'Ext.Port', enter the preferred program’s port number such as 10700 for KDX Server and 10200 for NetFone. If the program chosen by the user uses TCP/IP or UDP/IP, check the box labeled 'Protocol TCP' or 'Protocol UDP', respectively. It is necessary that either of these boxes must be ticked. However, if you are uncertain about which is the more appropriate box to tick, you may tick both boxes.
Step 8
Enter into the 'IP Address' box the LAN address of the PC that will run the chosen program. Tick on the box labeled 'Enable' and then click the 'Apply' button.