How to Install FireWire Card

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

A FireWire card allows transfer of digital data at a speed of 400mbps from a device into the computer. The FireWire card is used for faster transfer of data from digital camcorders and cameras. The FireWire card was created in 1995 by Sony, Apple and Panasonic. Another name for the card is the IEEE1394.

Materials Needed:
- FireWire card
- computer with available PCI slot
- screws
Step 1
Unplug the computer first before opening it. Remove the side cover of the computer after turning it off.
Step 2
Locate an available PCI slot and place the card properly in it. Ensure that you firmly connect the card in the PCI slot.
Step 3
Set the card to the casing of the computer. Secure the FireWire card by using screws. The card comes with screws upon purchase.
Step 4
Place the sides cover back onto its original place and plug the computer’s power cord. Return the cover properly before plugging the computer back or turning it on.
Step 5
Turn the computer on to finish the installation of the FireWire card. There are different installation processes of drivers for different Operating Systems. Windows 2000, ME, and XP automatically detect the new driver and install it into the system. A dialog box will appear for Windows 98/98 SE. This will inform the user that the Windows detects a new hardware in the system. These Windows Operating Systems will detect the hardware has an OHCI Compliant IEEE1394 Host.
Step 6
The computer will display an Add New Hardware Wizard on the screen. Click the 'Next' button of the displayed window. Clicking the 'Next' button will display another Wizard window.
Step 7
Select the 'Search for the driver for your device' option and again, click 'Next'. The Add Hardware Wizard will present another window after this.
Step 8
Clear all the checkbox options and click 'Finish' for Windows 98. Choose the 'Update Drivers' option if the Operating System is Windows 98 SE and click the 'Finish' button.
Step 9
It will require restarting the computer to apply the changes made and complete the driver installation.
Step 10
Check if the installation of FireWire card is correct. Right click on the desktop icon 'My Computer' and from the drop down list, choose 'Properties'. Open the Device manager tab and double left click on the option 1394 Bus controller. There should be an OHCI Compliant IEEE1394 displayed in it. Repeat the installation process if there is none, only this time, place the FireWire card in a different PCI slot.