How to add subtitles to a dvd

Level of difficulty: Easy

Do you want to add subtitles to your DVD? Here are a few easy steps to guide you. The softwares which are needed for this process include a DVD Decrypter, DVD-lab PRO and IFO Update. 3 folders should be created. Make sure there is a partition between the folders of more than 20 Gb free space.

Materials Needed:
- software needed to carry out the access method
- hi-speed internet service
- DSL and static IP address.
Step 1
DVD Decrypter The disc, with which you want to work, should be inserted in the DVD-ROM. Then open DVD Decrypter. Now go to Tools menu and click on 'Settings' and select 'IFO Mode,' in order to set the parameters. When everything is set, click 'OK' and select the 'Mode' menu. Next go to 'IFO I.' The software is now ready to automatically select the main film for demuxing. Now click 'Stream Processing' tab and check 'Enable Stream Processing.' Select 'Demux.' All the lines in the 'Stream Processing' window should be selected for demuxing. The destination of the file should now be chosen. Click on the button and the program is all ready to start its work. When it is done, close DVD Decrypter.
Step 2
Multiplexing video, audio and subtitles with DVD-lab PRO. Now open DVD-lab PRO and select 'Simple' (Movie Only). Choose the NTSC or PAL option, click 'OK' and select 'Import.' The Video and the Audio file/s should now be imported. Select each of the imported file/s and go to 'Insert to Project.' The files will automatically get inserted into the 'Movie 1' window. The Chapters section should be selected by right clicking. Click 'Proceed,' the chapters will get inserted into the movie. The 'Sub 1' line should be double clicked in order to open a new window. Choose the subtitle language. Then open the subtitle file by clicking on the 'Import button.' You may check the changes from the 'Preview window.' Now click 'Generate Subtitle Stream.' The subtitle line will be visible to you now. In case you want it to appear on the movie automatically, choose the 'Set this Subtitle always ON by default' option. Now move to 'Project.' Select the path to the Final DVD folder and click Start.
Step 3
The original IFO files should be updated Copy all the files from DVD-ROM in 'Original DVD' folder through DVD Decrypter. Choose the main movie from the folder 'Final DVD.' Now rename them and transfer them to 'Original DVD' folder. Insert the IFO files. The DVD with the new subtitle is ready.