How to block websites

Level of difficulty: Easy

Do you want to prohibit access of certain websites? In most of the cases an urge to block websites come from concerned parents who do not want their children to access some websites. Blocking websites is also common for offices. Employees accessing websites which are not needed for their work purpose is not desirable in many offices. Sometimes in educational institutes, students are restricted from using websites that have no relation with their educational purpose. How should you block websites? There are various techniques of doing this. Some are free while some need software which should be purchased or downloaded.

Materials Needed:
- web browser.
Step 1
Here showing you some free and simple steps to easily block websites. First click and open Internet Explorer by hitting the 'e' icon which is usually located at the left side of the bottom of your computer screen. As the Internet Explorer window opens, find out the Tools button which is at the right hand side at the top of the window. Click on it and go to the Internet Options which is the last option of the section. Then select the Content tab and click on the Enable button. Turn the Content Advisor option on. Now select filter settings for the categories which are displayed, like Language, Nudity, Sex, Violence. The more you push the slider towards the right, the more contents will be shown to you. Now change the Rating Settings in order to block types of content. Hit the Approved Sites tab. Now type the specific websites and block the ones which you do not want to access. Go to the general tab and click on Create Password. Make sure you do not bypass this part. If you do so, the machine would not register you as the administrator. Any user accessing the computer may unblock the websites. Now click OK and exit the system. You can be sure the internet would not allow access to websites which you have blocked.
Step 2
If you are willing to use software for blocking access, choose the one which gives the maximum options for monitoring websites. There are some locking software that allow access to all the websites when you are using the system, however, denies it when someone else tries to visit certain websites. The websites access can be scheduled to a particular time as well. For example, you may allow access for a particular time period and on some specific dates and obstruct access after that time or date.