How to Install a Satellite Radio to a Computer

Level of difficulty: Easy

Streaming music through the Internet will now soon be a thing of the past. With the introduction of satellite radio for computers, you can now hear a lot of songs from different radio stations around the world without having problems with the streaming and down time of your Internet connection. A satellite radio can give you endless radio listening through a satellite channel. The best part is that you can enjoy this anywhere you may go.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- satellite radio hardware
- installation CD
- satellite radio subscription
- satellite radio manual
Step 1
Install the satellite radio software to your computer. This application is different from the device driver since its purpose is similar to Microsoft Windows Media Player and Winamp. It will allow you to communicate with the satellite radio hardware. You can find this special application in the CD included in the satellite radio kit.
Step 2
Insert the CD to your computer’s CD drive. Usually, this kind of CD automatically starts up the installation wizard to help you with the setup of the needed application. Simply follow the wizard’s instructions.
Step 3
Connect the physical satellite radio to the computer. This device is usually connected through a USB cable. However, there are some connected through Bluetooth. Just plug it in any USB port that your computer has or connect it through the Bluetooth.
Step 4
Place the satellite radio’s antenna in the best location. This means putting the antenna where it can receive good satellite signal like a clear sky. Make sure that there will be no interference for the coming signal or you might experience a poor radio satellite signal.
Step 5
Plug in the satellite radio to an electric outlet.
Step 6
Turn the satellite radio on.
Step 7
The computer will recognize the presence of newly installed hardware. A hardware installation wizard will show up. Select the 'Install the software automatically' option if you have an Internet connection. If not, jump to Step 8 for the next step. Click the 'Next' button. The wizard will automatically search for the compatible software. Turn to Step 12.
Step 8
Choose the 'Install from a list or specific location.' Click the 'Next' button. From the list of hardware type, select the ports (COM & LPT). Click 'Next'.
Step 9
Insert the installation CD and press the 'Have Disk…' button. Click 'Next'.
Step 10
Enter the location of the device driver application and click 'OK'.
Step 11
A new window will appear. Check the 'Show Compatible Hardware'. Look for the USB Serial Converter. Select that and click 'Next'.
Step 12
Click the 'Finish' button and restart the computer.
Step 13
Better check the manual of your satellite radio. It might need other methods of installation. Your computer might require a special installation process also.
Step 14
Check the communication signal of the satellite radio. Adjust its settings if you still can’t find a signal.