How to change the battery of an ipod

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

The first step is to switch on “hold” button.

Materials Needed:
- One would need an iPod replacement batter
- flat-headed screwdriver and two nylon pry tools.
Step 1
After switching the 'hold' button one needs to make sure that iPod is placed on a flat surface with its face up.
Step 2
The next step in this process requires users to insert a nylon tool in space found between iPod front and its metal back. The nylon tool or screwdriver needs to be inserted on the right side of iPod space which might be tight and difficult to insert it into that space.
Step 3
If one is using screwdriver for opening iPod, care should be taken that it has a flat head which needs to be pushed forcefully to separate two parts. On the other hand, if one is using nylon tools, then the second tool should also be inserted in same space next to first one to force it open. While separating the front and back of iPod, one should be careful as it has delicate wires that still hold parts.
Step 4
After segregating two parts, an iPod should be placed in such a manner that its front lies on the left side and metal part on right side.
Step 5
While examining, one can see a battery on the metal part right at top of it. There is gold ribbon containing a wire which is attached to this battery. This ribbon connects the back of an iPod with its front on its bottom. This needs to be taken out of the front shell.
Step 6
Next step is to remove the battery, which can be easily done using nylon tools.
Step 7
After taking out the battery, one needs to attach a new battery to power connector and place it where the old one used to be.
Step 8
After connecting new battery in iPod, one must close both the sides.
Step 9
Last step involves charging the new battery to make it functional.