How to clear temporary internet files

Level of difficulty: Easy

The temporary files are those folders on the hard disk used by the web browser for storing web pages, images from the websites that are visited by us. They perform just the opposite of their names. They carry all the information collected from the web pages into the computer inspite of having the name ‘temporary’. It is a directory of the operating system of a computer. All the multimedia files and important pages are preserved by the web browser for further use only through these temporary files. Plus they help to increase the speed of loading the web pages. Since they keep the entire track record of the past visits of the websites, the browser easily executes the search process and loads the page from these files instead of the internet, thereby making the process fast. But when these temporary files gets stored on a regular basis on the hard drive, your computer is bound to get slow which in future can even lead to some bigger problem for your system. But even this cloud has a silver lining- clearing the temporary internet files.. Every time we search the web, the computer is constantly saving those temporary internet files and within a short period of time, a lot of those files get accumulated in our drive preventing our system to run fast. That is why it is generally advised to apply timely cleaning of these files which is very easy and takes only a couple of minutes from our time.

Materials Needed:
Step 1
First, we have to open our web browser and then go for the tools list from the toolbar.
Step 2
From the tools list, we have the internet options.
Step 3
Select it with the general loop. Then a menu will appear displaying the home page, search, browsing history and many more information.
Step 4
Choose the browsing history and opt for deleting them.
Step 5
Certain check boxes will appear from which you have to select the desired boxes. After all this, the deletion process is complete and your system is safe.
Step 6
The temporary internet files make it possible for us the service of offline browsing apart from improving the speed of browsing. On the other hand, they compromise our privacy. Deleting the temporary internet files on a regular basis will keep the computer free from unwanted files. So friends stop thinking, say no to these unnecessary files and save your system from the hands of damage by clearing the temporary internet files on a regular basis.